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5 New Uses for Salves

You already know that one of the best parts of a first aid kit is the salve. There are salves for wounds, salves for sores — but what about other surface ailments? These five new uses for salves may surprise you.

1Ah, sunburn. The worst summer skincare woe. You could reach for the aloe vera gel — but a salve with aloe as well as chamomile, calendula and St. John's Wort will have extra soothing power. Recommended: Herbal Healing Salve


2Here's a surprising trick for mosquito bites: relieve the itching with a muscle rub. They numb the surface of the skin, desensitizing the itch. Just don't use it on an open sore. Recommended: Muscle Stuff



If your nails and cuticles are looking ragged, there's no need to buy another cream. A salve made for callouses or extra-dry skin will likely have a higher percentage of moisturizing oils. Recommended: Hand and Foot Salve


4Is a mysterious rash getting you down this swimsuit season? All-purpose healing salves are infused with versatile herbs like arnica and milk thistle that potentially benefit a wide range of skincare issues. Recommended: Herbal Healing Salve


5Summer allergies can ruin your vacation. Use a salve made for colds under the nose, on the chest or on the bottoms of feet to clear your head. Recommended: Vapor Rub


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