A Look Inside Our Sustainability Practices

A Look Inside Our Sustainability Practices

If you prefer to use natural bath and body products, you're likely also interested in choosing a company that’s committed to sustainability. From the ingredients we choose to the packaging that delivers our products to you, we’re proud to do our part to care for our planet. Interested in learning more about what we do to minimize our carbon footprint? Here’s a look inside our current sustainability practices:

Ethically Made in the USA

Our wind-powered Microsoapery is located in Golden, Colorado, where each product is handcrafted by our team. We pride ourselves on being an ethical business and we believe that taking care of the planet starts by caring for our team members. That’s why we added new benefits for employees in 2020, including a 401(k) plan and paid time off to volunteer, to build upon our positive and inclusive work environment. 

We are proud to incorporate biodegradable materials in our packaging for the most sustainable options.

Sustainable Ingredients

Our mission to create safe and gentle bath and body products is reflected in the care we take in choosing our ingredients. Whenever possible, we use essential oils and minimally-processed plant oils to create the magical scents in our products. Each of our products is phosphate-free, which means that they’re biodegradable and won’t interrupt the ecosystem. They’re also sulfate, phthalate, and paraben-free!

Although what we put into our products is important, we think it’s just as crucial to obtain these ingredients in a sustainable and ethical way. Our palm oil is sourced in Ecuador from farms that are 100% organic, deforestation-free, wildlife friendly, and fair to growers. The shea butter that lends its incredible hydrating abilities to many of our products comes fair-trade from Ghana through Global Mamas, an organization that champions women-owned businesses.

Recyclable Packaging

Plastics are everywhere, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. However, we’re doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the planet. We use recyclable packaging for each of our products, avoid packaging in plastic whenever possible, and make responsible choices about the plastics we use. Many of our products are packaged in paper, glass, and metal, and our naked soaps aren’t packaged at all (just be sure to select the “naked” packaging option when ordering). Additionally, we use biodegradable shrinkwrap and compostable cello bags for packaging.

Our sustainably sourced botanical ingredients make for beautiful, tantalizing scents.


We’re proud to create handmade bath and body products that you can feel good about using, and we’re passionate about using the best ingredients available and sourcing locally or fair trade whenever possible. If you’re ready to explore our product line, please browse the selection online or find a retailer near you. Whether you visit a shop in person or order online, you can feel confident about the quality and sustainability of your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at suds@spinstersistersco.com.


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