What's Beer Doing in My Soap?

What's Beer Doing in My Soap?

It's no secret that we Coloradans love our breweries. Here in Golden, we're lucky to have many local brewers who share their suds with us — not just for drinking, but for soapmaking too!

Here's a way you probably haven't thought of beer: as an herbal infusion of hops. Add brewer's yeast, barley, and rye, and you have a rich source of polyphenols, alpha acids, and antioxidants which may improve skin appearance when used in soap.

But how does the beer get in there? When making cold-processed soap, the lye is usually mixed into a quantity of water before being blended into a base of liquid oils. In our beer soap, that water is completely replaced by beer. The result is a creamy, richly lathering bar with extra benefits from the infusion of hops in the beer.

Our Ryrish Stout Bath Soap

Our beer soap currently "on tap" is the Ryrish Stout Bath Soap, made with beer from a local brewery we know and love. Just across the river from downtown Golden, Colorado, this little gem of a beer garden called Mountain Toad Brewing crafts tasty pints for tourists and locals alike — not to mention the beer for our beer soap!

To create their tasty Ryrish Stout brew, the brewers at Mountain Toad "use rye to add a spicyness [sic] in addition to the notes of chocolate and coffee paired with the bitterness of Chinook hops to create a strong, balanced beer." 

Once we get our hands on the brew, we boil the beer to remove all trace of carbonation, and then use the cold-process soap method with lye and seven minimally processed plant oils to craft a richly lathering soap bar. We add anise, dill, cinnamon, and fennel essential oils to complement the spicy brew. Spent hops and barley grains are mixed in for extra exfoliation. 

A brewer holds Spinster Sisters Ryrish Stout beer soap

Try This Brew Too

An intoxicating pick made with the Raspberry Wit from New Terrain Brewing Co., another local favorite watering hole, the delectable Raspberry Wit Bath Soap has all the benefits of beer soap plus the fresh scent of juicy raspberries.

A pint of Raspberry Wit from with a bar of beer soap from Spinster Sisters

Perfect for Dad

Find our Ryrish Stout Bath Soap in our Father's Day Gift Set, plus a tube of Muscle Stuff and our "Suds Up with Sisters" pint glass and koozie to make a perfect gift for dad next weekend.

Father's Day Gift Set with beer soap, muscle rub, a pint glass, and a koozie


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