Help Us Give Back 10% This Season

Help Us Give Back 10% This Season

by Marissa Kasarov

As we quickly enter the holiday season for 2020, Spinster Sisters wants to continue our tradition of giving back to the community. In recent years, our stores have dedicated Saturdays to giving back 10% of retail sales to different Colorado nonprofits. This has always been such a fun and rewarding experience for our staff and customers.

So, like everything else this year, we’re going digital with our donation program! Here’s the 4-1-1 on how our Holiday Giveback Program works, where we will be donating, and how to maximize your giving if you feel moved to do so.

We're Going Digital

We are starting a weekly Holiday Giveback that begins on Saturday, November 7th and will run for 5 weeks. Each week, a member of our production team will choose their favorite Spinster Sisters product and their choice of charity will receive 10% of retail sales from that product for the entire week. So you can stock up on your favorite items knowing you’re helping the community or you can try new items that will help your favorite nonprofit. Win, win!

Our Staff Took the Wheel

Our production team works hard to bring you amazing looking skin year round. It's no wonder that they picked an impressive lineup of products and nonprofits to support this season.

Holiday giveback schedule 2020

November 7-13:  Angela chose to promote our line of Sugar Scrub and donate 10% of retail sales to the Golden Gate Canyon Fire Department

November 14-20: Kris chose to promote our Muscle Stuff and donate 10% of retail sales to the Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley. Kris is also a beloved local artist. You can buy her Linocut Block Cabin Print and $6 from the sale will also benefit the safe shelter.

November 21-27: Deb chose to promote our line of Hand Sanitizer and donate 10% of retail sales to the Denver Rescue Mission

November 28-December 4: Jonah chose to promote our line of Bath Soap and donate 10% of retail sales to the Foothills Animal Shelter.

December 5-11: Melissa chose to promote our line of Liquid Soap and donate 10% of retail sales to Southwest Denver Coalition.

Want to help out more?

We’ve made it possible for you add your own donation amount to give to the nonprofit of the week if you feel moved to do so. When you purchase your product there will be a section where you can choose to make an additional donation. The website will simply add your chosen amount to your total purchase. 

We can’t wait to share the love from our Holiday Giveback with you and with these worthy nonprofits. Thanks for joining us in our efforts this year!

Update: Giveback Program a Huge Success!

For the last 5 weeks, you've been adding $1, $3, or $5 donations to your cart and shopping weekly featured products as part of our Holiday Giveback Program. The end result? Together, we gave $598.28 back to the 5 nonprofits chosen by our production team! 221 orders from the last 5 weeks included a donation, for an average of $2.70 donated per participating order.

On behalf of Angela, Kris, Deb, Jona, Melissa, and all of us here at Spinster Sisters, thank you. We're smiling ear to ear at the incredible response you gave to this program, and are so energized by the generosity of our Spinsterhood.

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