It All Started with Soap

Our founder Kelly Perkins started making soap in the '90s with a simple goal: avoiding toxic ingredients.

As she said in a recent interview about shopping for skincare, “I don’t like to look at a label and have to go to Google to see what it is. That makes me think it’s not something I want to put on my body. I want to be able to say, olive oil, I know what that is!” (Passport Magazine)

Research had emerged in the '90s showing the adverse effects of the antibacterial triclosan, found in many soap products at the time. (Crazy fact: triclosan wasn't banned by the FDA in over-the-counter soap until 2016!)

Kelly decided to make her own soap after reading up about soapmaking and made her first batch in 1994. She fell in love with the process, and eventually had so much inventory that she started selling it at craft markets on Colorado's front range. She couldn’t believe how much she sold to customers who had become more conscious of the ingredients they wanted to avoid in their skin care. By 2012, she had quit her day job to make skincare full-time as Spinster Sisters Co.

Spinster Sisters Today

From 2012 to today, Spinster Sisters has never stopped growing. The Spinster Sisters line expanded from soap to bath, body, face, aromatherapy, and hair products. Yes, there were once dog products too (what can we say, we love our fur balls).

Making new products is Kelly and the team's absolute favorite thing in the world. With every formulation, we've challenged ourselves to use simple, recognizable ingredients with incredible scents. Our core mission is to make natural skincare that's both safe and effective for you, and beneficial to the planet.

After a couple years of formulating new recipes and operating out of Kelly's basement, a robust wholesale business and packed market schedule made Spinster Sisters take over the entire house. There were soapmaking and shipping supplies in the kitchen, drums of oil being delivered by semi truck to the garage, boxes of packaging stacked to the basement... you get the picture!

We rented our first Microsoapery-slash-retail-store in downtown Golden in 2015 and have never looked back. Today, our flagship retail location is at 1116 Washington Ave. in Golden's historic shopping district. Production, shipping, and operations work out of our 8,860 sq. ft. Microsoapery on the south side of town, where customers can visit to pick up orders placed online.

Today, you can find Spinster Sisters natural skincare at Whole Foods Market, H-E-B, Kroger, MOMS Organic Market, Coborns, Duluth Trading Co., and more. Visit our store locator to find a location near you, and thank you for showering with Sisters!

mission & values

We are committed to creating safe and gentle skin care products that benefit our consumers, our employees, and the Earth.

That mission includes 10 commitments we make towards having a positive social impact and profit with a purpose. We live up to them by actively following our 5 core values.

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Spinster Sisters Co. makes its home at the foot of the Rockies in historic Golden, Colorado. Pick up orders at our wind and solar-powered Microsoapery or shop our flagship retail store downtown.

Use our store locator to find directions and store hours as well as major retailers, gift shops, and spas that stock Spinster Sisters from coast to coast, now including Canada!


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