Getting Started with your Shampoo Bar

Getting Started with your Shampoo Bar

by Kristen Williams

Imagine running your hands through your clean, soft, shiny hair that feels and looks gorgeous. Ahhhh! What if you could get that feeling while using a product that is made of simple, natural ingredients, is sulfate and cruelty free, and is made and packaged sustainably? Brilliant! That’s exactly what you get when you lather up with our Shampoo Bar, yet many people stick with their bottled shampoos full of SLS simply because they fear changing. That doesn’t have to be you! Being the smart, sophisticated beauty shopper you are, you’ve come to the right place for answers to some of the most pressing questions that may have kept you from making the switch until now. Read on to find out everything you need to know to make your first wash with our Shampoo Bar the transformative experience you deserve.

Why use a bar?

Did you ever know that guy who used regular old bar soap on his hair because “soap is soap?” Yeah, I think we all knew that guy. Ew. But shampoo bars are different! We specifically formulated our Shampoo Bars to clean and soften your hair, not to mention leave it smelling amazing. Some people even find their hair has reduced breakage, has more volume, less frizz, and their curls are more refined after they switch from liquid shampoos.

Our natural, simple ingredients are gentle on your hair and scalp. The combination of essential oils, olive, coconut, castor, and jojoba oils, does the cleansing and moisturizing work with a delightfully scented lather while the apple cider vinegar and lemon juice provide a nice pH balance and a clean, soft rinse. Naturally, (see what we did there?) our bars contain no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) since all our products are sulfate-free. Sulfate-averse shoppers will know the importance of that!

But isn’t SLS what gets my hair super clean?

Short answer - Nope. Actually, while SLS provides a super sudsy lather that may make you feel like you’re getting a good clean, you may find it irritates your skin and scalp, and leads to damaged hair (in addition to the other potential dangers of sulfates in general). It can disrupt that pH balance and strip out the natural oils that your hair is supposed to have, leaving your hair dry, brittle, and sometimes all over your floor and clothes. Yep, when you damage your hair and scalp – surprise! – your hair escapes your head.

Liquid shampoos and other hair products can also leave a buildup in your hair over time, weighing it down and making it feel dirty even when you just got that false squeaky clean feeling with some SLS shampoo. Which leads us to the next thing we want you to know about our Shampoo Bars…

Do I need to use a vinegar rinse with your Shampoo Bar?

Maybe – once.  If you already used our Shampoo Bar and immediately got the baby-soft, shiny, bouncy results you dreamed of, congratulations! You beauties can ignore this next part. Some of you may experience your first use a little differently. That buildup we just mentioned? It may emerge on your head in a potentially alarming way the first time you treat your hair to this natural cleanse. Instead of stripping your hair of its own oils, our bar’s gentle cleansing properties are pulling out all that “gunk” that has built up around your hair follicles over the years. This can get a little messy. Not to worry, there’s an easy solution, and you should only have to do it this one time to get your hair across the clean finish line.

Simply mix a little vinegar (apple cider or white, whatever you have on hand) with some water, and use it to rinse out your hair. Use a 1:1 mixture, with the quantity of vinegar depending on the length and thickness of your hair. The more hair, the more rinse you’ll want. For super short or thin hair, use only half cup of each. Longer, thicker hair will need several cups. Get through this first use and you’ll be amazed at how soft and clean your hair is. Warning – our Shampoo Bars can be addictive.

Do I still use conditioner?

Yes! Our Conditioner Bars come in the same amazing scents as the Shampoo Bars.

What if I have a phobia of finding a hair on a soap bar?

I think we all understand this one. A couple of thoughts for you here:

  • Some people like to put the bar directly on their hair, which can lead to that troublesome discovery. We actually recommend that you lather the bar in your hands first, THEN work that lather into your hair, starting at the ends, and working to your roots.
  • Cut your Shampoo Bar into smaller pieces and only take the amount you need into the shower with you. Shampoo Bars can last a looooong time so you are going to need to figure out the size of piece you need for a one time use.

But what if I miss those slippery, slimy, plastic bottles?

Maybe go out for some escargot? Try to play catch at the fish market? Come on, you know you love the sustainable packaging, the naked bars, and how easy it is to take with you anywhere, even when the TSA is involved.

Now go impress everyone with your amazing hair, if you can take your hands off it long enough.  

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  • Anneli Reit
    Mar 28, 2022 at 17:04

    Thanks YOUU for sharing the info on SLS and cleanliness! I recently found out about shampoo bars on another blog (they had a good roundup, but its been so hard to find out about the difference with SLS and the bars! Really informative article :) thanks


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