This Win for Spinster Sisters is a Win for our Customers

This Win for Spinster Sisters is a Win for our Customers

by Kristen Williams

It started with over 200 applicants. The field was narrowed to 8 final entrepreneurs ready to pitch their brands to an esteemed panel of judges. The stage was set for the live, inaugural Kickfurther Growth Giveaway Pitch Contest with $250,000 and other prizes on the line.

Each entrepreneur had three minutes to make their pitch, then three minutes to answer any questions the panelists raised. Our fearless founder and CEO, Kelly Perkins, oozing with honesty, authenticity, and confidence, made a big impact on the panel with her presentation.

Women owned business and natural wellness for the win!

The other finalists had impressive products and presentations as well. The hosts and judges emphasized how close the contest was and that it was a difficult decision. Ultimately, the Grand Prize was awarded to Kelly’s Spinster Sisters Co. The founder of RangeMe, Nicky Jackson, was one of the judges, who is well known for her strong voice for women in business. Her comments to Kelly included:

“What an incredible story … for you to pivot your business like you did is just phenomenal. Kudos to you. You’re a brave woman, and I love that you’re female-owned... Go deep in natural specialty and you’ll win,”

Indeed, the Rising Brand winner was also a female founder – Rosa Li of Wild Wonder, “a better beverage for gut health.” Congratulations, Rosa!

 Kelly Perkins learning she won the Grand Prize

The Pivot Story

Spinster Sisters started with an eye on the gift and spa industries. Over time, it became clear that focus was incongruent with the sustainability mission of the company if they wanted to grow and have a profit with a purpose. In 2019, Kelly made a 180 degree pivot away from that path. She closed the retail stores, cut over 75% of the company’s SKUs, and pursued the natural grocery channel. That decision paid off, and Spinster Sisters experienced explosive sales growth in the specialty channel as well as e-commerce DtC.   

"I had no idea if it would work, I had no idea if I was making a horrible mistake. Terrifying."

When asked about how it felt to make that pivot, Kelly said, "It is scary to think about changing your business model overnight. I had spent 6 years building the business a certain way, and on a certain path. Literally overnight I decided to make a complete pivot to our business model. I had no idea if it would work, I had no idea if I was making a horrible mistake. Terrifying. Thankfully, it turned out to be exactly the right decision for us - but it could very easily have gone the other way. I am so thankful for that - and for my incredible team that supported my decision (even if against their will) by helping ensure a smooth transition."

What this means for you

Spinster Sisters is honored to be tapped for this win from all the judges on the panel, and Kelly was especially pleased with the praise from the RangeMe founder, Nicky Jackson. The company has been on the RangeMe portal since 2017, and is eager to utilize the Pro membership awarded with this prize to leverage the win and accolades to reach even more specialty outlets and end users with their natural skincare products.

We’re all tremendously proud of Kelly and excited about what this win means for Spinster Sisters, and especially for our customers. We really look forward to growing with you!

As ever, we are supremely thankful for you! We wish you all a healthy, happy, and squeaky clean Thanksgiving (unless you wanna get dirty). Be safe and well!

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