What Is a Shower Steamer? How to Get Steamy, Sustainably

What Is a Shower Steamer? How to Get Steamy, Sustainably

by Kristen Williams

Here at Spinster Sisters, we generally leave the steamy thoughts up to your imagination. Our new Shower Steamers have us feeling a little more… naked. We think you may find yourself feeling the same way once you get your hands on our steamers. When you know your shower is going to steam up with these amazing vessels of vapor, you may be stripping down with more vigor yourself.  Your passion for the planet will be tingling as well, but we’ll get to that later.

While our Bath Butta’ Bombs can keep you soaking in luxury for longer, your shower experience needn’t be longer to be better. We keep a close eye on our water usage and certainly don’t want to encourage waste. That same shower you usually take can now be transformed by simply placing this pellet on your shower floor and going about your business.

How steamy will it get?

Simply put, the more enclosed your shower area, the steamier the space will get.  Shower doors that go all the way up will provide a spa-like cloud. Open air walk-ins will obviously let more steam out to find your mirrors. Either way, the essential oils that are released from the steamers when they react with water will make an aromatherapy session out of any shower experience.

Where on the shower floor should I put it?

Start by placing the Shower Steamer in a corner or off to the side of where you normally stand, and out of the direct water stream. Water dissolves the tablets and releases all their goodness, so if you find it’s not getting enough water for the reaction, feel free to kick it around until you find the sweet spot. You’re going to get good at this! Each steamer should melt away in the duration of one good shower.  If you’re a super speedy shower star, you’ll probably have some steamer left over for next time.

pale green eucalyptus shower steamer pellet wrapped in bioplastic on gray stone next to green leaf
Try a steamer in our most popular scent, Eucalyptus

Wait, are those things wrapped in p-p-p-plastic???

Not really! You know our mission is based on sustainability. Just like we don’t want to encourage you to use more water, we definitely don’t want to add to your plastic consumption. Our Shower Steamers and Bath Butta’ Bombs are lovingly packaged using PLA.

What’s PLA, you say?

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a compostable bioplastic made from plant sugars such as corn starch or sugar cane. While technically a plastic (classified as a #7 plastic), PLA can and should be disposed of in your regular waste or at commercial composting facilities. General waste will go to either a landfill or incineration. Compostable PLA is inert and does not give off methane, which is better for the earth. PLA should not be mixed in with your recycling bins as those materials go to other sorting facilities. It is not safe for marine life or expected to break down on its own if discarded in the environment, and of course we discourage littering.

If you've ever used a compostable plastic cup or fork at a restaurant, then you've likely already gotten familiar with PLA. We use it in shrink wrap sleeves on our bombs and steamers instead of shipping them naked to you. That way, they keep all their goodness snugly together and don’t leave dust remnants in the box. You want to keep all those clean ingredients for that blissful experience in the tub or shower!

Are you on team bath or team shower?

We know some people have strong feelings when it comes to shower vs. bath and rarely or never cross over. Whether you prefer a luxurious soak in a tub or an invigorating shower, while you’re naked, we have you covered. 

If you’ve been indulging in our Bath Butta’ Bombs for years and have been longing for a similar Spinster Sisters experience in the shower, your steamy dreams have come true! We’re excited to welcome Shower Steamers to our lineup and offer more ways for you to rub it, scrub it, love it with Spinster Sisters. Pick up a Shower Steamer in Eucalyptus, Lavender, or Signature Scent to start getting steamy.


  • Jacquelyn at Spinster Sisters
    Sep 08, 2021 at 10:14

    You can find ingredients for each product if you click through to the product page!


  • Carmela Paciullo
    Sep 08, 2021 at 10:09

    Sounds great. Where can I find the ingredients in both of these items?


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