The New Way to Do Valentine's Day

The New Way to Do Valentine's Day

by Jacquelyn Farnsworth

The candles are lit by the tub, and a fresh fizzy bath bomb is filling the air with good smells. A bottle of Body Oil is ready to rub your tension away after a long soak. It could be a date night or some well deserved Valentine's day self-care, but either way, your evening just got way less boring.

Does your typical Valentine's Day consist of dinner, dessert, maybe a movie... and then back home for bed? Or possibly nothing at all? 

While everyone is celebrating romance, here at Sisters we hope that Valentine's is a chance for you to love your body, love your partner if you have one, but most of all, to love yourself.

Set the mood for radical love with these Valentine's picks.

The Candle That's Also Massage Oil

Lit candles. Massage. They go together like Antony and Cleopatra, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, peanut butter and jelly. With a Soy Lotion Candle, you get both in one adorable package.

You really can dip your finger right into the oils that melt at a temperature low enough to rub onto skin.

Woman in robe dips her finger into a Soy Lotion Candle jar
Nicholette dips into a warm Soy Lotion Candle to use for massage

Fizzy Equals Fun

Oh, how we love thee, Bath Butta' Bombs. Like, more than a just a friend. That gently fizzing Bath Butta' Bomb in the tub is the sign that a long day is over and it’s time to let everything go. Inhibitions, anxiety, contemplating your own mortality: begone! 

Two Patchouli Rose Bath Butta' Bombs surrounded by dried rose petals and patchouli on a bath tray
Sweet, spicy, and floral, the Patchouli Rose bomb makes for a very special soak

Dry Oil Blend

We know, it sounds like an oxymoron: how can an oil be dry? A dry oil is one that rubs onto skin without feeling greasy or heavy, like our Body Oil blend. It's a great choice for massage, since no one wants to feel like they've been dipped in a fryer. 

A clear bottle of yellow-hued Body Oil styled with dried rose petals
Rose geranium oil adds a heavenly scent to our non-greasy Body Oil blend

A Bath of Beauty

Pink Himalayan Salt, flower petals, and dried botanicals make our Botanical Soaks the prettiest soaks we've ever seen. They have all the romance you need to add some magic to your night.

A woman puts her feet up in the tub with a bottle of Lavender Rose Botanical Soak sitting nearby
Use half a bottle, or a half cup, of Botanical Soak per bath for ultimate relaxation


And before you scoff and say that it's a made-up holiday, know that the first letter referring to someone as "my right well beloved Valentine" was written in 1477, according to The British Library. It happened to be their cousin, but let's not split hairs.

Updated from the original article posted on 1/17/2020.

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