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I need my order to arrive by Christmas. When do I need to order by?

The cut-off with the USPS is Monday, December 19, 2022. To support on-time Holiday orders we suggest that you order early in the season though to guarantee December 25 arrival.

How do I login to my customer account?

You can activate your account and login to your existing customer account on this page - click to access or by clicking the person icon in the navigation. We launched a new webiste in June 2022 and existing customers may need to reactivate their accounts by signing up again with their previously used email.

How do I redeem my rewards?

You must be logged into your Customer Account to redeem rewards. When you have selected what you want to purchase and go to your cart, click on the Rewards slider on the left hand side of the screen to choose what you'd like to redeem from discounts to a free gift depending on reward points accured.

Need an account? Activate and login to your customer account on this page - click to access or by clicking the person icon in the navigation at the top of the screen. We launched a new webiste in June 2022 and existing customers may need to reactivate their accounts by signing up again with their previously used email.

I don't see my favorite product. Did you discontinue it?

As we refine our mission of becoming plastic-free we have had to make some tough decisions with respect to our product assortment. We have discontinued products to better achieve this mission and as a result of enhancing our focus, we are actively striving to no longer offer products sold in single-use plastics. We invite you to check out our Free From line which includes premium bars for the face, hair, and body in zero waste packaging. Pleace contact us with the form above with further questions.

Your shipping materials don't seem eco-friendly. What's up with that?

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We use second-hand packing materials, often re-using peanuts, bubble wrap, excess boxes and paper from other shipments. Our branded tape we use to close boxes is also biodegradable.

When available, we also use sustainable packaging and to the naked eye our eco-friendly peanuts and foam look like plastic but are made from a natural starch that decomposes in water leaving no waste.

During the high-temp months we may use insulated envelopes to help our products get to you without being compromised by heat exposure. We encourage you to re-use as much of this as you can too! Thank you for joining us on our journey of sustainability!

Why is my promo code not working?

At this time, we do not allow multiple promo codes to be applied to orders.

If you are trying to apply a promo code to a Subscription Order, our subscription options are already discounted for you, so at this time we do not allow other promo codes to be applied to subscriptions.

Why is my order not eligible for free shipping?

We offer customers free shipping on all orders over $35 and the subtotal of the order with promos and discounts applied must be $35 or greater. If you applied a discount code that dropped your subtotal below $35 it's likely why your cart is not showing free shipping.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! We've partnered with Faire, an online wholesale platform, for easy wholesale ordering.

Get started here.

Can I shop in person?

You sure can. Visit our locations page to find a retailer + stockist near you.

How does local pickup work?

Orders cannot be picked up at the downtown Golden store, they can only be collected at the Microsoapery in South Golden where we make our products and fulfill orders between 9 am & 5 pm Monday - Friday. After you receive a confirmation that your order is ready for pickup you just give us a call at1-8 44-774-6783 Customer service: ext. 3 when you arrive and we will run your order out to you.

What's your return policy?

We accept returns of unopened items within 30 days of purchase. Visit our Shipping & Returns page to find out more. Wholesalers can find info about returns on the Wholesale Policies page. 

How do you use sustainable energy?

Our Microsoapery is 100% wind and solar powered and we use recyclable, compostable, and/or biodegradable materials in our packaging.Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Are your products vegan?

A great many of our wonderful products are vegan and none are ever tested on animals. Use the product filter when shopping to find only vegan items by checking ‘vegan’ under product attributes. Our lip balm contain beeswax, our Conditioner Bar contains honeyquat, and both Bath Butta’ Bombs and Sugar Scrubss contain refined sugar. That means everything else is safe for vegans to use!Shop everything vegan.

Do you use organic ingredients?

We do not exclusively use organic ingredients, but we try to source organic when feasible. The regulatory hurdles required to certify ingredients as organic can be cost-prohibitive for some farms and processors. We do buy some ingredients locally, including lavender from the Western slope of Colorado.

What is the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?

There are three types of scents that can be used in skincare: essential oil, natural fragrance, and synthetic fragrance. The difference between them is whether they are made from plants or not. Essential oils are distilled from a single plant, and can even have medicinal uses depending on the properties of the plant.

Why do you use fragrance in your ingredients?

Natural fragrance is a new term for scents that are derived from many plants, not just one, and by using a variety of extraction methods. That’s the kind of fragrance we prefer to use if a scent can’t be made with essential oils. The last type, synthetic fragrance, is the one that can contain phthalates and other nasty stuff that we always avoid. We do use safe, synthetic fragrances occasionally for scents that are very hard to create with other methods.

What does the name Spinster Sister mean?

When our Founder + CEO, Kelly Perkins, began to sell soap at local markets–––she collaborated with her older sister to help. Inspired by the spirit of singlehood and the power of sisterhood, they named the first pop-up booth Spinster Sisters. People fell in love with the products and the cheeky name, and from there Spinster Sisters was born. Today, the brand remains inspired by empowered women of the past, present, and future.