Earth deserves better.

Nearly 9 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. Depending how plastic is made, disposed of, and what happens to it after it’s been recycled is a complex conversation. Plastic production has a big carbon footprint and a lot of oil, natural gas, and energy is required to make plastic. Only 9% of plastic waste ever produced has actually been recycled and the beauty industry alone is big culprit for plastic pollution. Below are some statistics from the Plastic Pollution Coalition that highlight the issue.

Plastic Waste

Every year the beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging globally.

Unsustainable Industry

7.9 billion units of rigid plastic have been created just for skincare products. 

Plastic Problem

In the entire skincare category approximately 95% of all packaging is thrown away after just one use.

Ocean Pollution

Nearly 9 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year.

Big Change Starts Small

543,397 containers diverted from landfills + oceans. 15,350 gallons of water saved.

(Updated September 2023)

Plastic Negative Certified

Every day is Earth Day and every day we recommit to being better for our customers and our planet. Spinster Sisters is proudly Plastic Negative Certified in partnership with rePurpose Global. Together we fund recycling in India––Project Neela Sapana. This project entails the recovery and processing of low-value, single-use plastic waste such as multi-laminate plastic (MLP) to stem its flow into our natural ecosystem.

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Peace Out Plastic

Our new Free From line includes low waste bars for the face, body, and hair in plastic-free packaging. We use an FSC Certified biodegradable box printed with soy ink. 

You’ll never find any parabens, sulfates, or any chemicals in any of our product formulations either. Chemicals end up in our waterways and we are against the use of harsh ingredients on our bodies. 

Formulated to evoke spa-treatments, each Free From product is also water-free and concentrated for longer, more sustainable use––this means a higher efficacy for you and an overall reduced environmental impact. 

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Our Impact

By purchasing our Free From products you have already helped us eliminate over 543,397 plastic containers from landfills + oceans and save 15,350 gallons of water. Taking care of yourself while taking care of the planet should be easy and without compromise on quality. Join us in the movement–––Peace Out Plastic ✌️