Cold process soap making at Spinster Sisters

Video: Inside the Microsoapery & Our Mission

Get a look behind the scenes! What is Spinster Sisters Co. all about?

We've been in business for a sweet minute now, and this is the first time we've invited a professional videographer to capture our Microsoapery and retail store in Golden. Watch our founder Kelly Perkins make soap as she tells our story in our first-ever brand video.

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It all started in the 90's, with Kelly's passion for making skincare products she could trust. She wanted skincare products that avoided toxic chemicals, and it turns out that a lot of other people wanted that too! Thus, Spinster Sisters was born with a mission to do good for people and the planet.

In just over 2 minutes, you can see four of our most popular products being made: Bar Soap, Body Butter, Botanical Soaks, and Soy Lotion Candles. We hope you love seeing our brand come to life, and don't miss the cameos from Jona, Tony, Deb, and Gina — some of our production superstars!

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