The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Her Isn't Chocolate, It's Self-Care

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Her Isn't Chocolate, It's Self-Care

by Kristen Williams

Whether you light up with anticipation or cringe and groan when someone mentions Valentine’s Day, you might be likely to give or receive a gift on February 14th this year. So, what’s it going to be?

We find the traditional gifts of roses and chocolate to be wholly uninspired. First of all, many of us have had more than enough chocolate come February. Secondly, roses may not be your bae’s flower of choice. There are so many other ways to get floral that include a healthy dose of self-care, for a sense of well-being that lasts beyond the last bite of truffle or the short life of a bouquet

Patchouli Rose bath bombs on a bath tray
Rose-scented bath bombs bring the bouquet to the bath


Come along with us as we paint a picture of the perfect Valentine’s spa day at home, and the floral-scented skincare that makes it feel special. As a nod to our choicefully single sisters, the following story imagines a woman treating herself to an indulgent Valentine’s Day on her own. Here in the Spinsterhood, we know being in a relationship – or not – is a choice we make. And if you’re shopping for your special someone, you can use the same ideas to make their day just as sweet. 

The Self-Care Valentine's Day

Since February 14th falls on a Sunday this year, our heroine, Amelia, chooses to spend Saturday night celebrating at home, indulging in all her favorite things, and partaking in some self-care routines she hasn’t made time for lately. She deserves it. She has a Zoom call scheduled with a close group of friends tonight, and she’s taking some quality time to relax, prepare, and show up in all her fabulousness.

Start with a Mani-Pedi 

Amelia starts the day’s indulgence with a DIY mani-pedi. She prepares her foot bath basin with warm water and ¼ cup of her favorite epsom salt soak, and lets her tootsies bask in the potion as the water cools. Then, one at a time, she lovingly towels off each foot, then massages in a couple fingerfuls of Lavender Sugar Scrub to gently exfoliate from heel to toe before rinsing and finishing them off using gentle circles with a Pumice Stone. Once her feet are soft and smooth, she chooses her favorite hues and laughs as she – less than perfectly – paints her fingernails and toenails.  

Scrub feet with natural sugar scrub for a spa-like pedicure
Scrub feet with natural sugar scrub for a spa-like pedicure

An Ideal Bath for the VIP

Later, as the bath is filling, she sets about creating a romantic scene for the VIP of the day – herself. Despite her sloppy bun and the Clay Mask she is about to rinse off, Amelia feels glamorous in her satiny robe as she arranges her bath tray. She lights a Relax Lavender Rose Soy Lotion Candle and it fills the air with its heavenly scent. She’s in the middle of a great book, but opts against it, preferring to rest her eyes. Instead, she starts her go-to playlist of tunes.

She rinses off her mask as part of her face care routine (read more about that in an upcoming blog post!), and drops a Patchouli Rose Bath Butta’ Bomb in the warm water. The fizzy goodness adds to the spa-like aroma as the decadent sphere does its work. She places her robe on its hook and feels like a movie star as she slips into the water. Amelia breathes in the relaxing scents and immediately feels a sense of calm luxury. 

Getting Clean, Naturally

Amelia works her soap bar into a lather and starts to scrub as she bathes. She takes a sip of her wine, then slips further into the tub to rest her head on the bath pillow. She doesn’t think she actually slept, but Amelia feels like she is waking from a heavenly dream when she feels a cold nose nudge her hand. “Oh, Coco, you just had a bath yesterday, silly!” She often confides in her sweet, deaf, white dog, but now she just rubs Coconut’s giant ears to convey the bliss she is feeling.

orange blossom with a bar of soap and a white soap box
Orange Blossom Rose Petal Bar Soap (now discontinued) exfoliates with dried rose petals


As she exits the bathtub, Amelia blows out the flame of the Soy Lotion Candle and proceeds to dry off. Her towels are even in on the spa-like experience, having been misted with Relax Lavender Room & Body Spray right out of the dryer. Amelia dips her fingers in the candle to retrieve some of the sweet lavender and rose geranium oils and rubs them into her skin in a moisturizing massage.

Amelia feels spoiled and satisfied, and is looking forward to seeing her friends and maybe bragging a little about her self-care gift. Coconut stares up at her, wagging her tail, and Amelia gets the message. She throws on some soft, comfy clothes, grabs Coco’s leash, and they go for a nice long walk as the sun sets on her glorious day. Valentine’s Day, sorted.

This Can Be Your Valentine’s, Too

If that sounds like a day to remember, browse all of these gift suggestions and more now. Just want a quick, easy pick? Our Home Spa Day Gift Set has everything you need for an equally relaxing evening. 

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