A Natural Daily Face Care Routine: Streamline Your Cosmetics Shelf

A Natural Daily Face Care Routine: Streamline Your Cosmetics Shelf

by Kristen Williams

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, guess what the façade is for those windows? The answer is right in front of your… face. Yep, façade = face. When someone thinks about you, your beautiful visage is what beams back at them in their minds’ eye. Your face is out there, it describes you, and its expressions give people a hint at what’s going on inside (like those laugh lines — a beautiful part of who you are)!

Are you ready for a totally natural face care routineLet’s take good care of that delicate skin that says so much about you by ditching sulfates, phthalates, and parabens. We’re here to help get you started! We’d love to help you streamline the skincare products on your cosmetics shelf. Let's go step by step through what we use, how we use it, and why it's effective.

1. Remove Makeup, Gently

If you wear makeup, you want to remove it before you cleanse. Our Body Oil (now discontinued -Try our new Face Cleansing Oil) is an ultra-light and moisturizing way to whisk away makeup as well as breaking up dirt and oil.

Wait, an oil to clean off oil? Yes! Oil actually dissolves other oils, and its silky texture lets you wipe away makeup without tugging at skin. Simply rub the oil gently onto makeup using your fingers, a cotton swab, or soft cotton pad. Then wash it off with water and let’s get cleansing for real.

woman's hand holding bottle with amber colored liquid body oil
It's called Body Oil, but it's the perfect blend for body, face, and hair. Try our new Face Cleansing Oil

2. Cleanse for Real

For a fresh, clean complexion, you can’t go wrong with our liquid Face CleanserMade similarly to a liquid soap, it effectively washes away the grime of the day better than some alternative natural products. The formula packs in lots of moisturizing ingredients like babassu seed oil, aloe vera, and pomegranate extract to keep your face smiling with that healthy, supple glow. Plus, the scent is to die for! Nine sweet and herbal essential oils combine to make its Signature Scent blend, which has become a true customer favorite.

To start washing, pump some Face Cleanser onto squeaky clean hands and rub to activate the gentle lather. Apply to your face taking care not to rub too briskly in delicate areas like under the eyes. 

Pomegranate colored liquid face cleanser in glass bottle by sink
A gentle, sulfate-free cleanser is an essential part of your day

3. Set the Tone

Face toner is fabulous for your pores, your pH balance, and that overall refreshing feeling — and our natural Lavender Flower Toner is extra special. We make it with a single ingredient. That’s right, just one, and it's been EWG-verified for your safety: pure lavender water from organic lavender grown right here in Colorado. 

Would you be surprised to learn that lavender water has a lot in common with lavender essential oil? They’re actually made together, at the same time! When lavender is distilled, all of its lovely scent and other properties are extracted into both lavender water and lavender oil. That’s why lavender water is not just mildly astringent, but also oh-so soothing.

For your daily face care routine, spritz some of this delightful toner on your face after you cleanse and before you moisturize. You can also use it throughout the day to freshen your face, with or without makeup on. Got a pesky pimple? Spray toner onto a gauze or cotton pad and use it as a spot treatment. Its natural astringent qualities help balance skin and tighten pores.

Organic lavender grown in Colorado is used for lavender face toner
Our toner has just one ingredient: lavender water from organic, Colorado-grown lavender

4. Moisturize (Like a Boss)

Next up in your daily routine should be the all-important step of moisturizing, and there are lots of new styles of moisturizer these days. Not sure which goes first? If you’re using multiple products, a good rule of thumb is to use them in order from thin to thick.

Here at Sisters, we're big believers in Face Serum. It’s a light, oil-based formula full of the vitamins and antioxidants that skin needs to appear supple and smooth. Serums with vitamin C are all the rage right now because people have caught on to its beneficial effects as an alternative to harsher products like retinol. Our all natural formulation uses some pretty magical plant-based oils that contain naturally-occurring vitamin C, rather than synthetic.  

Just a few drops (one or two pumps) are all you need to apply a thin, delicious layer onto your face — and down your neck if you like — with your fingers. The light formula absorbs quickly into skin for that silky-smooth (not greasy) feel we love. Seriously, it feels AMAZING. If you become obsessed with this serum, we promise not to say “I told you so!”

Bright yellow oil-based face serum with baobab and marula seed oils
Baobab and marula seed oils are the magic-makers in our face serum


Your daily face-care routine can conclude here with glowing results, but wait, there’s more!

5. For the Driest Skin, Don't Stop There

For an even more luxurious moisturizing experience, your next step is our rich, fragrance-free Face Cream that is especially great in drier climates. Its natural ingredients include sea buckthorn oil, lavender water, vitamin-rich shea butter, and aloe vera for some seriously decadent hydration for your most delicate skin. You know what to do — simply grab a fingerful of the velvety soft cream and start smoothing it into your skin, using careful dabs around your eyes so you don’t tug on the fragile skin there. Use as much as desired to achieve the level of hydration you seek.

Face cream with shea butter is made with natural ingredients
The silky texture of Face Cream comes from vitamin-rich shea butter


That’s it! You cleansed, you toned, you moisturized. Now your face is ready to face the world with a healthy glow that you may find accompanied by a satisfied, confident smile. Friends and strangers alike may smile back. You know how smiles can be contagious. 😊


Bonus Facial Decadence

For a daily routine, the three steps above are really all you need. A couple times a week, or as often as you have time for some extra self-care, we suggest a more thorough facial to give your complexion a boost.

It doesn’t have to get complicated, though. Simply add the following two steps in between cleansing and toning to help even out the look of your skin tone and keep that healthy glow.

Exfoliate After Cleansing

After your face is squeaky clean from the cleansing steps outlined above, it’s time to exfoliate. If you’ve read this far into a face care article, we’re guessing you already know that exfoliation is the key to removing buildup of dead skin cells to reveal the fresh ones underneath. It also clears the way for the moisturizing products you use to penetrate better and work more efficiently to achieve that fresh, silky glow you want. 

Sugar Scrub with sweet almond oil is gentle enough for the face
Sugar Scrub with sweet almond oil is gentle enough for the face


Natural, gentle Sugar Scrub is perfect for exfoliating the delicate skin on your face. No matter which of our five scents you choose, the olive and sweet almond oils and the ever-important sugar will gently remove those unwanted cells to leave your skin shiny and soft.

Using one or two fingers, scoop out some Sugar Scrub and gently rub it on your face. The fine sugar granules do the work of exfoliating while the mixture provides hydration for your skin. This process requires no urgency, so feel free to draw it out and enjoy the feeling. Rinse clean when finished, and feel that soft, fresh skin that’s been waiting to be exposed.

Add a Mask 1-2 Days Per Week

Before social distancing was a thing, masking up meant something different to face aficionados. Actually, it still does! The treatment mask is the heart of any at-home facial. Our unique Clay Mask powder is made so that you can mix it with water to your preferred consistency. Bentonite clay, kaolin clay, tea tree oil, and activated charcoal make up this fine powder which blends together with water into a creamy mask that clears skin of excess oil, dirt, and toxins.

Sound intimidating? It's not! Mix one tablespoon of the Clay Mask with one tablespoon water (or vinegar if you like) using non-metallic utensils. You can add more water or powder to achieve the desired consistency for your mask. Apply the creamy mixture to your face using your clean fingers or a brush.

Dry clay mask powder mixes with water
Dry clay mask powder mixes with water to the consistency you like


If portions of the mask begin to dry before you’re done, use a spritz of toner to keep it slightly wet during the process. After 10-15 minutes, before the mask is completely dry or begins to crack, rinse it off with warm water and proceed to the moisturizing steps of your daily face care routine.


Voilà! That's all you really need to care for your face and support a healthy, clear complexion. Follow this routine by shopping our face care collection and you'll be a true face aficionado. Breathe a sigh of relief when you look at your uncluttered cosmetics shelf, and feel free to humbly brag about your face care chops to people who compliment your beautiful skin. 


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