A woman rubs Sugar Scrub into her feet over a tub of water

The Mani-Pedi with Sisters

Nail polish? Check. Topcoat? Check. Skin treatment...?

A mani pedi can be so much more than a coat of paint. Elevate your next DIY spa session to care for the overworked skin on your hands and feet.


A woman dips her foot in a silver bowl filled with a water and salt mixture

Our Butta'Milk Salt Soak or Himalayan Salt Soak make ideal pre-pedicure foot soaks. As skin softens, the Epsom salt soothes sore feet.


A Pomegranate Sugar Scrub sits open showing the golden-colored sugar and olive oil

Gentle Sugar Scrub exfoliates before a pedicure or manicure with soft sugar granules. Almond and olive oils rejuvenate tired skin.


A woman applies Body Butter from a tube to her cuticles

Fair-trade shea butter enriches our thick, hydrating Body Butter. Use it as a cuticle cream or as an all-over moisturizer for hands, legs and feet.


A well-manicured foot has oil rubbed in during massage

Admit it — the best part of a mani pedi is the massage. Use our Body Oil to knead out the tension while giving your skin a good dose of argan and jojoba oils.


A woman in bed puts heavy socks over her feet after rubbing in salve

Rosemary and calendula infused Hand and Foot Salve is best when applied the night before your treatment, to allow it to soften callouses and cuticles.

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