The Mani-Pedi with Sisters

The Mani-Pedi with Sisters

by Kristen Williams

Nail polish? Check. Topcoat? Check. Skin treatment...?

A mani pedi can be so much more than a coat of paint. Elevate your next DIY spa session to care for the overworked skin on your hands and feet.

For starters, let's take care not to let them get too dry in the first place. We can't help with that over-workload but cleansing and moisturizing year round the right way will help keep those babies more supple between mani-pedis. Whether you prefer Bar Soap or Liquid Soap, using our safe and gentle natural cleansers will give your hands and feet a leg up, especially in dry climates or from the harsh effects of winter exposure. 

After washing, your skin will feel soft already, and for deep moisturizing, follow up with your favorite scent of Body Butter or Body Lotion Bar in our Signature Scent. You'll have softer, more hydrated skin that won't seem as rough when you're preparing for your next mani-pedi.

A woman applies Body Butter from a tube to her cuticles

Fair-trade shea butter enriches our thick, hydrating Body Butter. Use it as a cuticle cream or as an all-over moisturizer for hands, legs and feet.


For some bonus indulgence before you exfoliate, let those tootsies bask in one of our Botanical Soaks. Simply prepare your foot bath basin with warm water and ¼ cup of your desired scent, and let them luxuriate in the potion as the water cools.

After toweling off, it's time to get those babies shiny and soft. Massage in a couple fingerfuls of your favorite Sugar Scrub scent to gently exfoliate from heel to toe before rinsing and finishing off using gentle circles with a Pumice Stone. Don't forget to treat your hands to a similar experience.

 A Pomegranate Sugar Scrub sits open showing the golden-colored sugar and olive oil

Gentle Sugar Scrub exfoliates before a pedicure or manicure with soft sugar granules. Almond and olive oils rejuvenate tired skin.


Now for those nails! As mentioned earlier, Body Butter makes a great cuticle cream. Beyond that, the finishing step of shape, shine, and polish is all up to you. Do you go clear, french, or multi-colored? No matter how you get creative and decorate those digits, now they're soft and ready to show off with your own personal flair.


If you love our products but want to pamper yourself at a salon instead of a DIY day, we recommend finding a Frenchie's Modern Nail Care near you for a good, clean mani-pedi experience with Sisters.


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