What’s Inside Our Body Butter

What’s Inside Our Body Butter

by Jacquelyn Farnsworth

Although winter has waned, your skin may still crave hydration. If you often experience dry skin that’s sensitive to the elements, a great moisturizer is a must in your skincare routine. Our Body Butter is formulated to provide hydration, and we take care to formulate each of our products with gentle, naturally-derived ingredients. When you’re on the search for your new go-to lotion that’s perfect for all seasons, a vitamin E Body Butter may be just what you’re looking for. Here, we delve into the details of what makes our Body Butter the best you’ll find:

Fresh Ingredients Take Center Stage

Our Body Butter is packed with fresh ingredients to help every inch of your skin look and feel its best. Sumptuous fair-trade shea butter, avocado oil, and sweet almond oil are the key ingredients in this product, and these high-fat components contain crucial oils and vitamins to aid in the hydration and protection of skin.

We absolutely love these oils in their purest form (as Body Oil, for example!), but applying them to your skin as dry oils does not necessarily provide hydration. To hydrate, you must have water, and that's where lotions come in. With the addition of a few select ingredients, we can blend oil and water together to create our dreamy Body Butter cream.

Vitamin E Body Butter
Signature Scent Body Butter combines nine of our favorite essential oils to create a jaw-dropping scent.

We Choose Refined Ingredients Carefully

Most of the ingredients in our Body Butter formulation are 100% natural and minimally processed, and we include just enough refined ingredients to deliver the ideal feel and finish. Founder Kelly Perkins gave us the low-down on how she created just the right Body Butter blend.

“Making Body Butter has a lot of the same magic as mixing up a batch of soap. You get to see raw ingredients transform before your eyes. We do add some emulsifiers to our blend, and I picked ones that have a good safety record. We tweaked our recipe over a period of years to get exactly the right hand feel. I didn’t want the Body Butter to feel too waxy or oily; more like a really thick, creamy lotion, where you could tell that your skin was getting a lot of hydration and the lotion wasn’t just going to evaporate away." — Kelly Perkins, founder/CEO

Here’s a peek into a handful of the ingredients we’ve included, and why.

  • Stearic acid: This saturated fatty acid made from plant oils that is present in many cosmetics and skincare products. This ingredient acts as a surfactant, thickener, and emulsifier to enhance the function of the Body Butter. Stearic acid reduces surface tension, allowing the butter to spread evenly across the skin.
  • Emulsifying wax: Emulsifiers are necessary to create a stable blend of oil and water. Since our Body Butter contains both oil and water, we use emulsifying wax made from environmentally safe palm oil to ensure that the formula remains creamy and is a dream to apply.
  • Lactobacillus & Coconut Fruit Extract: This component in our Body Butter acts as a preservative by limiting the growth of yeast and mold. It’s derived from fermented coconuts and includes lactobacillus, a "friendly" bacteria that is common in probiotics. 
  • Tocopherol (vitamin E): Tocopherol, also known as vitamin E, is an organic chemical compound often used for its antioxidant activity. This ingredient is used in many skincare products to help protect skin.
  • Scent: Our Body Butter is available in scents including Gardenia, Lemongrass Sage, Rosemary Mint, and more! We use essential oils to craft most scents, and for those botanicals which do not lend themselves to distillation, we choose non-irritating natural fragrances made from plants to create enchanting aromas that you’ll want to use again and again.
Natural body butter includes stearic acid
Stearic acid is made from vegetable oils in a process very similar to soapmaking

Each of our products is crafted with care at our Microsoapery, and our vitamin E Body Butter is one of the most beloved additions to our line. If you’d like to give our ultra-hydrating moisturizers a try, stop by our flagship store in Golden, Colorado (directions + store hours), shop online, or find our products at one of 1,900+ retailers nationwide. Have any questions regarding our products? Contact our team to learn more.

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