Kelly Perkins  2:10  

All right. What do you think? Should we get started or wait a little bit

Unknown Speaker  2:13  

I think so. So Diana, this is Kristen, would you mind? muting? We're gonna have everybody please keep on mute until the q&a. And if anybody has any questions, while we're showing you, the videos are talking about it, just go ahead and put those into the chat. And we'll be sure to get to those during the q&a. And we will admit people if they come in straggling. And yeah, so just keep on mute till the end. And welcome everyone.

Kelly Perkins  2:40  

Yeah, welcome, everybody. Um, this is the last of our virtual happy hours associated through Republic. But I actually kind of hope we can keep these going. With our customers and such as well. We have got 14 days left in our campaign. And I think it's 14 A might be 13. Now. And we are at 400% 415%, I think at last count over $100,000 at this point. So that's terrific. And our contacts at Republic said to watch out for the last week or two is when a lot of the investments come in. So we're hoping we get some more but we wanted to take some time tonight and kind of give you an idea of what your investment funds will be going towards. So we have some fun stuff to do tonight. I just wanted to give everybody a little update. We have some really big business in the pipeline right now, which I cannot cannot talk about too much. But this is we kind of knew this business was coming so that's why we started this campaign. So we're going to show you some videos tonight of our production team of what of how we handle things right now and how how we could handle it in the future. And we will handle it in the future with your with your investments in the company. And yeah, so I know when we did the virtual tour of the warehouse, it didn't seem like much is going on. But there is a lot going on. We just have some people that aren't so comfortable and being in front of the camera so they kind of had for your video. But yeah, I'm gonna let Kristen take over at this point. The first video that we have, I believe we just decided on our shower steamer process and Yeah, do you want to talk about the whole, Kristen?

Unknown Speaker  5:04  

Yeah, so this is a time lapse video of how we produce shower steamers today. It's a very short video and it's all sped up obviously because that's what a time lapse is. And you'll, I'm gonna play it and you'll be able to watch them quickly making a bunch of showers steamers see those little tablets, zoom, zoom, zoom. Everything handcrafted. And it takes a while to get these done, but we make a lot in a day. So that is a lapse of the shower steamer. I'm gonna run a quick poll now Kelly after I stopped this share, and we're gonna have you guess, how many shower steamers Do you think they made in that video? All right, we have three, four, we got five answers. So three people said 1050. I'm gonna go ahead and end the poll and share the results. So you can see who answered what here. And Kelly, you want to give them the news. Nobody got it right. 

Kelly Perkins  6:30  

Yeah, so in that time lapse video 100 shower steamers were made. And that is about an hour of Deb's time each day, we fly through shower steamers like you wouldn't believe. And so in a typical day, she can make between 700 to 750. And essentially one tray that she makes is 50 shower steamers. So each time she fills the tray and empties it out, that's 50 more, so she can make about 750 shower steamers in a day. So now we're going to show you a video of a piece of equipment that I have my eyes on. And my heart set on that I Well, let's just let you see the video. Let's roll the video. Hey, there we go.

Unknown Speaker  7:51  

So obviously, this is an automated process of making the same types of little tablets like our shower steamers.

Kelly Perkins  8:00  

Yes, this is called the tablet press. And I don't have the exact stats on this machine. But suffice it to say that it could make more in one day. Well, it could make more and a half hour than Deb can make in one day right now. So it's really streamlining and automating the process. This is the same kind of machine that makes you know pill tablets. Only we can adapt it with a different mold that will make the same exact shower steamers as we have right now. But you can see how quickly it goes. I honestly think this probably could make it an in in 30 minutes, for sure way more than she can make it a day. So that would be a huge, huge efficiency for us. And the next video that we're going to watch is about our bath bomb process. Sorry, body butter process. Body Butter is one of our best selling products. We almost can't make it No, we can't make it fast enough. And a lot of the business that we have in the pipeline is bringing in body butters. So it's this is probably the number one purchase or lease that I will be doing with investment funds. So this is Christina who well that's the bottom half of Christina. She makes our body butters and she's going through the process now. She combines oils combines essential oils, puts it in the piston filler fills up the bottles that looks a little bit like that Lucien awful conveyor belt situation, if you remember that by the meat of this. That's right So we have another poll for you this time lapses over the course of 90 minutes. And Kristin has another poll for you to guess how many body butters she could make in that time period.

Unknown Speaker  10:23  

And while they're answering that, Kelly, if we get this equipment and are able to ramp up our production like this, what will that free up, Deb and Christina to do now to help our team grow?

Kelly Perkins  10:36  

Well, yeah, we will get to that a little bit later. But it does. Give us the possibility. Yeah, well, we'll talk about that in just a minute. Okay. results. There you go, Kelly. Okay, people are catching on. So So what was the scores, I can't see the poll, four out of five people guessed 132. And one person gets 50. Okay, so 132 is correct over 90 minutes. So now, I want to show you a piece of equipment that makes my heart go pitter Pat, just thinking about having this piece of equipment. 

So that 132 was made over the course of 90 minutes,

I have a little crush on this machine, I cannot lie.

So this machine is doing everything Christina just did more. So when we make body butters, we have to actually make the product poured into the piston filler, fill the bottles, tap them, label them manually, and then batch code them because each product that we send out has to have a batch code and an expiration date on it. So you didn't even see the whole process there. But that was 132 bottles with this machine. Excuse me, we this machine will make 3600 body butters and the amount of time that Chris just spent making 132. So that's like 20 600% improvement in efficiency, we literally can make more in a day than we can make probably in two months right now. So that is gonna be the first purchase for me, that piece of equipment will probably be around $130,000. But the efficiency improvement is unbelievable to me. So I'm very excited about about that piece of equipment. So these are the things that I dream about and how I hope to spend the investment money that comes in. So now I'm going to give you just a little bit of insider information that Kristin asked me what Christina and Deb will do with their time now that we potentially will have this equipment. We are launching a new product line probably in the next month or two. That is going to be it's extremely innovative and definitely trending on what people want to see right now. And we are so excited about it. So I can't again talk about it right now too much other than to let you know that you all will be the first ones to hear about it when we make the announcement. It's it's something I am beyond excited about and I think it is I think it's gonna blow ourselves up. So Krista, Christina and dubs time will kind of be reallocated to working on these products. So I hate to kind of dangle something out there. But we do have some exciting news coming that, that we will definitely keep you apprised of. And that's kind of just what we wanted to show you today. And for those of you that have invested, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it, it's I don't know how we would get where we're going without your investment. So I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. And for anybody that's on the fence. We're gonna have a q&a session now. So if you have any questions, please feel free to put them out there, you can always throw questions out on the discussion board on Republic as well. But that's really kind of what I wanted to cover today is just kind of showing you what, what this investment money can do. For us, the efficiency improvement is, is something I can't even imagine right now. And with the growth that we have coming, we simply would not be able to do it without this kind of equipment. So does anybody have any questions? For Kristin did any coming in via chat,

Unknown Speaker  16:17  

um, no questions came in by chat, but we did just have somebody join, and they completely missed the videos. So if I could just summarize for you, we showed a time lapse video of our shower steamer process and how we handcraft those followed by a video of the equipment that we want to purchase with the investment money in order to increase production, and how that will impact our business and how it will help us grow. We did the same thing. Then with our body butters, we did the time lapse video of creating our body butters and then show the equipment that we want to use to increase production on those. So that's, that's really all you missed. It was a short call. So you didn't you didn't miss too much except for the videos. What we can do Kelly is investors have a standing invitation for any virtual meetings that we have. So we can get set up something special for announcements like you were just talking about. When that's ready to be announced, we can have a zoom call like this and invite the investors to a virtual meeting and make the announcement that way.

Kelly Perkins  17:23  

And believe me, it's killing me not being able to tell you about it. It really is innovative and we want to make sure that we're getting launched before. Before word goes out about it. 

Unknown Speaker  17:36  

Diana sent a question and said I invested 1000 can I invest more now?

Kelly Perkins  17:43  

Absolutely you can always increase your investment. Yes. Good question, Diana. Yeah. And, you know, we can stay on and run the videos again, if anybody missed it and wants to see it. Yeah, really, like a couple minutes

Unknown Speaker  18:08  

posted in the chat that if you haven't seen it, we just released Kelly's power pitch video on the republic's YouTube channel. So you can check it out here or I can show it to you right now. We can all watch it together.

Kelly Perkins  18:23  

Sure. All right. Let me put it up on my screen. I forgot this actually will be posted on Republic so you can always watch the call over to because it will be posted out there. So if anybody missed the videos, you can still see them too. There's no sound. There's not well, you can watch our pretty products.

Yeah, I don't know why it's not playing anything. Can anybody else hear anything?

Unknown Speaker  19:22  

Okay, well, the link is in the chat. You guys can go watch it. We have it on our republic page. And it's embedded on the republic page under updates. And there's also a link to the YouTube channel. I'm gonna go ahead and stop this share since can't hear anything. But you can you can see the link in the chat that Jacqueline sent over. Or else Oh, Raman I'm not sure if I'm saying this right. Raman Ross is asking how does one go about investing. You can just go to our republic page.

Kelly Perkins  20:00  

jack which is backslash spinster hyphen, sisters. burnin and you can invest there. And there's certain perks set up for anybody that has invested perks we'll all be sent out when our investment closed on September 1. So you'll get your gift cards and any goodies. Does anybody else have any questions? Or romane? Did that answer your question? I can't read the whole question. What did that once I

Unknown Speaker  20:54  

mean, you just asked just curious if you've done any consumer research?

Kelly Perkins  20:59  

We are actually yeah, we are actually we have done consumer research. And we are actually in the middle right now of doing some research on our new product line. And yeah, results are looking good. So we have have done some consumer research. Yes. When I first started this company, I started also by doing craft fairs and farmers market, which really kind of gave me some great connection with our customers, and people were able to ask for specific products that they were looking for. And that's kind of where, you know, I have a very personal belief in sustainability and authenticity and using clean ingredients. And doing those farmers markets, I was able to see whether that resonated with our customers. And in fact, it does. So that's not necessarily a you know, what they call it a professional consumer research, but we have done a couple rounds of consumer research since then, as well.

Unknown Speaker  22:13  

And we also did a survey we're going to do annually, we did one in November of current customers, because your question also says either to existing customer base or general consumers, so I'm going to share a link, because we have a an interest in transparency. So we always like to share these things. So this is a link on our website that shows some of the data that we gathered from our customers. just basic demographics and some other questions, so you can take a look at that. Menu says my last 12 years of my career was in the data and consumer analytics space and have many consumer brands including the likes p&g and Unilever. So happy to give your surveys a review if you'd like I'm an investor. So well.

Kelly Perkins  23:04  

That's terrific. Yeah. That would be great. We're hoping to have some results tomorrow. So hopefully, we'll have good news to share. But yeah, we're looking at some not repackaging, but possibly making some design changes to our packaging. And also, the survey is talking about how we use our voice, and our storytelling about the brand, and about the new products that we're working on right now. So it's gonna be I can't wait to hear the results tomorrow. I geek out about the stuff that we can't tell. I'm excited to. Perfect. Anybody else have any questions? You're welcome to unmute at this point, if anybody has any questions or anything to say. We're excited to hear all of the news soon. Yeah. All right. Well, if any, if nobody else has anything, we'll let you get back to your evening. But I just wanted to make sure that we answer any questions you might have, again, 13 days left, if you know anybody else that might be interested in investing, please share our information with them. And like I said, if you have any questions, feel free to throw them up on the discussion board on Republic and we'll get you answers right away. And like I said, we're going to load your all of your contact information into our investor database. So you'll receive updates monthly from us about what's going On, and you'll be the first to know with the new product life. All right,

Unknown Speaker  25:06  

but don't keep it to yourself because the more investors we get, the more money we get, the more we can grow and you're part of our growth and that success. So tell all your friends shout it from the rooftops. Send it out on social media, however, you can spread the word

Kelly Perkins  25:21  

I was going to share. So real quick, if you go to the Republic, the republic page that we linked earlier, where you invest, there is actually a share button, you can click and you can use that to share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or through telegram as well to send to your friends and family. Please do. Perfect. All right. Thanks, everybody. Have a great night. Thanks, everyone. Bye Thanks, bye

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