Unknown Speaker 0:29
Okay, welcome everybody to the spinster sisters tour of the microsoapery we're about to go live thank you for waiting as we worked out a couple of little glitches but um, and now it's time to go to Kelly -  Kelly.

Kelly Perkins 0:55
Welcome to spinster sisters. You can see our kingdom now we're going to give you a little tour to the Microsoft three and where all the magic happens. So come on in. Just to give you a little background on how I started this company, I started doing craft fairs and farmers markets and making all of the products out of a room and my husband's main cave, which was probably about 12 feet by about six feet wide. Then, as we grew and did more markets and things like that, I started wailing ordering oil and 55 gallon drums and semis were pulling up in front of our house and I was making out so about in front in the driveway with my respirator on. A little Breaking Bad ish. And thankfully, none of my neighbors ever called me called me on it. But it quickly took over our whole house. We went from the small soap room to the entire basement. Pretty soon our kitchen table was shipping orders our living room was market packed up stuff. And our house she in the garage was full of 55 gallon drums and equipment and things. And the house soon became a bathroom and the bedroom were hours. And the rest was spinster sisters. So we moved from there to a office building in downtown golden Colorado. And it was 2000 square feet, but it was broken up into offices. So it was a little challenging to try to make it manufacturing but I was just happy to have it not at my house anymore, and not have people coming to my house to pick up orders. Then we moved to a 2800 square foot warehouse, which I was very excited about having more room. And that soon became a little rabbit trail through there with boxes stuck everywhere. So we moved then into this warehouse, which is 9,680 square feet. And this is where we we've been here for about three years now and I'm kind of hoping we don't have to move again anytime. Because it's not an easy undertaking. But um, yeah, we have 9680 square feet, Part of it's office for our administrative staff. We've got some desks and cubicles in the back area. And the rest is pretty much production and fulfillment. This is our candle making workstation. Alyssa is getting some candles ready to go here. We're gonna end up back over here but this is our where we packed up purchase orders and things like this. This is a big order that's going to h-e-b Texas 167 stores shampoo and conditioner. And then we're gonna come this way but a little break room over here and bathrooms and stuff for the team. This is our four values which we just created recently. I just said it was important that we have you know kind of what we stand for. So we can let new employees know as they come on. This is what spinster sisters as well. So after working kind of with leadership team for quite a while we came up with our five core values which is be the dreamer of dreams. Every pro was once an amateur every expert was once a beginner dream big and start now. Make your mama proud. So everything that we do, we want to make sure that we're keeping in the back of our mind with this make mama proud so Do the right thing, even when it's hard, even when no one is looking, think like a customer. Of course, we would not exist if it wasn't for our customers. So every decision that we make, we try to keep our customers front of mind for that. Make something better, larger, small, but make something better every day. And that can be something as simple as streamlining a process. a kind word, pretty much anything and work like you mean it. So we kind of keep that in mind here at spinster sisters, we all have our jobs, but when something big comes in, and we need to get it out the door, we're all kind of in the trenches working on it. So let's come back to this way a little bit.

You'll see, I'm trying not to focus on the floor. But this used to be a paint factory, so it's not dirt on the floor, it's paint that doesn't come up. So this is our soap making area. When we first started, when I first started making soap I made I had a silicone mold, this big, made 15 bars of soap, and it would take me two hours and 20 minutes to make the team bars of soap. Now we have the process down where we have large molds, we can make 110 bars of soap in about 12 minutes. So So yeah, this is our soap making area. We were soap it has to cure for four to six weeks. So we mix the soaps. Next day we come in and we slice them. And then a day or two later, we come back and we stamp them with our cute little steel, which we know. And then it goes on the curing racks for four to six weeks. The reason we leave them on the curing racks for four to six weeks is soap is made with water, the more water that you can let evaporate, the longer your bar of soap lasts. So four to six weeks, it's safe to use after 48 hours, but we try to keep it on the shelf four to six weeks before we box it up. And so then we're coming through a shampoo bars have been very popular lately. So we've got full racks of shampoo bars. This is our oil storage back here. We're gonna take a quick trip through the warehouse. But don't judge us for this. It's a warehouse. It's storage of packaging and raw materials. So come on, come this way. So yeah, this is all packaging for future batches, things like that. We've got trade show supplies. We've got pallets. If you haven't heard pallets are short supply. So we have we keep all of our pallets. But this is also boxes and display cases. Those tabs on the right hand side the black tabs are full of botanicals. So rose petals, lavender flowers, things like that. You'll notice on our raw materials that there's a batch code and lot number and everything written on each bin that has raw materials in it. And that's so we can track what raw materials are put into each batch of product. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 8:48
I'm going to take this opportunity if you don't mind to run a quick poll with our visitors. So just take a breath. I'm just gonna watch this real quick. We're running a poll. This is just how did you how did you find out about spinster sisters? How did you guys first discover us? And you can keep talking if you want Kelly they're gonna answer.

Kelly Perkins 9:15
Perfect. So yeah, this is just all of our storage. For all raw materials. These are candle jars. We just had an order of 20,000 candle jars come in, which is six of these stacks. So it adds up. Trade Show stuff, these are body butter tubes and all kinds of stuff in here. So got lots of storage for expanding in the future. And then we'll go back into the warehouse. This is our shipping and receiving area but we're going to come back to that in a little bit.

So, now we get into a lot of our other products in the stations that they're made in. This is our body butter station. So this is called a piston filler, you fill it with body butter, it's kind of like Lucy and Ethel, you know, in the conveyor line, you put your tube here, hit the puddle and it fills it up. Then we seal it on the bottle sealer. We've got melt tanks, all of these silver things are melt tanks for melting various oils, things like that. Okay. We have fireproof cases here for essential oils which are flammable when stored in big quantity. But, and then this is our bath bomb shower steamer making area. We when we first started making salt six, I had a KitchenAid seven quart mixer on my counter that I use to mix our botanical soaks with and I could make five or six out of one bowl. So then I upgraded to a 10 quart mixture where I could make you know eight or nine when I upgraded to a 20 quart mixer, which is What's in the bag on the counter there. Then upgraded to a 60 quart mixer, which is full of sugar scrub right now. And now we mix our salt soaks in a concrete mixture because it can make about four times the size of that 60 quart mixer. So just a little background on kind of how we've scaled. When I first started buying essential oils, I would buy one pound of essential oil 16 ounces. And now I buy them and 25 to 50 pound that just big drums over here. Here's a gem full of lavender essential oil. And I can't remember what the stat was how many lavender plants it takes to make a mill. I can't remember it takes a lot of lavender, lavender essential oil. This is Tony. He's our production supervisor. And he has a batch of sugar scrub going in here we have a new piece of equipment. Essentially, that piston filler you saw earlier, we have a new piece of equipment on the way that's a standing version of that, that will spit out exactly the right amount to fill a sugar scrub jar one of our sugar scrub jars. So that will be a big time saver. there then we have this is our liquid soap area. And we offer three different liquid soaps right now lavender, lemons, your sage and gardeners. And this is where that's made, we have our production board. So if we have orders that are waiting for products or things that need to get made, that are tracked up here on our production board, and right now it's all shampoo and all conditioner all the time. So that's that part. This is a Label Applicator. We will soon have more of these as well. But it's nice because you can just push one of these jars in and it does the batch code and large number that's on the back of the package and spits out a finished labeled product. So that's a pretty neat piece of equipment. This is a shape tunnels. So all of our bath bombs and our shower steamers are packaged in a biodegradable plastic that's made with wood and corn coke. So it's kind of a sleeve, you put the basketball in there and then you feed it through the Shrink Tunnel and it shrinks the shrink wrap around the product. So this is a pretty heavily used piece of equipment. And then we have most of our labels we print now out of house just because we need the lamination to keep the ink from dripping. But we do have some labels and labels printers here if we do a special edition of something that we can print our own labels in house.

And then this is our kind of purchase order area. So anytime we get a big purchase order from one of our stores like Kroger or whole foods or something like that, or htb, in this case, Whole Foods Canada is one of these orders that's getting packed up. So these all get kind of put together here and then taken on a pallet out to the back door where our shipping companies can pick it up. So this one's getting ready to go out hopefully in the next couple days. Len, we do have backstock stored over here. So if we have a big order coming in or something like that, and we make a big batch of something, we batch code it and store it over here. We also put some out on the shelf here that is used for our e commerce and website sales. So basically, whenever a web order comes in, the gals will just come pick whatever's been ordered. Pick it up to the front, or sorry, to the back to the shipping table and ship it out. But we've got everything kind of stored together hand sanitizer, sugar, scrubs, body butters, shower steamers. Liquid soaps are face care products. And then all of our soaps and candles and gift sets are stored up here. And we have one of the body butter four packs. I'll give you a little sneak, I'll give you a little sneak peek to something that we've got coming if I can find one. And then we have we have new gift sets coming. They're so cute. So those will be up here as well. shipping boxes, here is a good display of all of our soaps that are being packed up for orders. These are all for wholesale orders or whole foods or something like that. We do sell all of our soaps box. But then we also sell them naked in a tray. And on our website, you can order them packaged or naked as well. Kayla is our order fulfillment genius. And she does all of the packing up of orders and everything back here. checking out some wholesale orders. Probably all of the retail orders for the day have gone out. But yeah, these are all wholesale orders going out to different stores. So that's kind of the quick and dirty. And let's head back up front. And we can answer questions and things like that. We have a good spot for that.

Unknown Speaker 18:26
I just put up another poll people are answering right now about if they've invested with us on Republic.

Kelly Perkins 18:32
Perfect. Sounds great. So does anybody have any questions about the manufacturing facility or how we make the product or anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 18:46
This is Diana, I thought it was interesting that you cure the soaps for so long to get all the excess water out. Yeah. Which makes the soap I think last longer.

Kelly Perkins 18:58
It does for sure. Yep. We, like I said it's safe to use after 48 hours but it would not last very long if you use it after 48 hours. So yeah, that's a good way to make a nice long lasting bar. Any other questions? Nothing. All right.

Unknown Speaker 19:25
I do want to let you know that I took a couple of the little gift bags that I thought the last time I was in Golden just got back from vacation to see my daughter and grandkids etc at California. And I gave her a little gift pack and her husband's mother a gift pack and by the end of the week. They were both raving and wanted to know where are they? Oh, yeah, they live in the Eureka area.

Kelly Perkins 19:53
Oh, that's perfect. Now on the other store locator. Yes. I will tell you I'm a we work closely with Girls Inc, which is a great organization that gives maybe underprivileged or underserved girls the opportunity to learn about business. And my favorite day ever, and this building was, they have a business school where they fly girls in from all around the country. And they visit different schools. And we had about 35 girls here, doing a tour of the facility. And we got a great picture of them over by the Eleanor Roosevelt quote on the wall. But boy, these girls were sharp, and kept me on my toes for sure, with great questions about spoilage and waste and excise taxes and exporting taxes and all kinds of stuff. And it was just one of the most fulfilling funnest days I have ever had at work. So it's always great when we hopefully, soon all this stuff will pass and we can start having tours in person, but I just wanted to give you kind of a quick peek at what it looks behind the scenes. And yeah, I appreciate everybody's time. If you have invested in spinster sisters, I want to thank you. We have some fantastic stuff coming up. Like I said a couple times. He just picked up a bunch of stuff. We're opening in Whole Foods Canada in a couple weeks. Great. So we just have a lot of great things going on right now. I did want to say thank you to our camera man, Maggie, who, unfortunately is leaving for us. But I'm so excited for today's show last day in the warehouse. She is opening up her own store in Fort Collins. And so if you ever need great griffes gifts in Fort Collins, go check out create good company. She's got some great stuff, but we're gonna miss her. And Friday afternoons, we have a special session of it going on right now. But usually on Friday afternoons, we have the disco ball going, but in Maggie's honor, we got the disco ball going today. We usually have quite a bit of music going in the background, but doesn't work with the record or your mind.

Unknown Speaker 22:37
I do want to say one more thing. I just, I just recently got the no bug spray is absolutely fantastic.

Kelly Perkins 22:48
Great. Oh, it's wonderful. I just went camping for five days and used it as well. Just continue that and we decided to do a seasonal thing on a whim and it's been selling really well.

Unknown Speaker 23:03
Yes. So hey, Kelly. Yes, um, Jacqueline just asked, Can we see the candles being poured? It looks like they just started a batch.

Unknown Speaker 23:12
Yeah, sure. You have another batch going? Oh we missed her? I can't. That's okay. Um, yeah, she just poured a batch of candles. So basically, the process is we stick the wick on the bottom and then we have these wick centers. It will take a couple hours for these to kind of solidify but if you don't know our lotion, our candles are also motion. So they're great. Oh, don't trip over the palate Maggie. They're their lotion. candles. They have Whoa, whoa. But oil and shea butter and cocoa butter. So they're really great for massage. You can use them on your hands is a great moisturizer. It kind of feels like a paraffin wax. So those are great products as well. Great for gifts. You can use them just as a candle if you like. But you can also use that as a great moisturizer.

Unknown Speaker 24:19
Russell, did you have any questions about investing? I saw your message earlier. Oh, you're muted me. If you unmute yourself, you'll be able to we'll be able to hear you unless you want to chat a question.

Kelly Perkins 24:38
Sorry, I didn't see the unmute because I was looking at the republic website. Yeah, let me just review that. And if I have any questions, I'll get back to you. Okay, great. Thank you.

Sounds good. All right. Anything else?

Unknown Speaker 24:52
I have one more poll. Okay, our core values. We're just curious which of them is your favorite?

Kelly Perkins 25:03
Well, I lost my mama a couple of years ago, who was my best friend. So, make a month out, Ellen's gonna make start crying, so I can't look at her. So make your mama pad is what resonates the most with me. And I do try to think of that whenever in all my decision making processes, so but I love them all. I think that they're really good. Kind of encompassing what we're all about and and what we want to be in the future. You know, I've had investors asked me in the past, if I plan to style start outsourcing, or, you know, a lot of companies once they get investment will start using lesser quality ingredients. And that's just not something that I'm willing to ever do. So, yeah, so I think it's important that we created these core values, and we all know them, and we all live them every day.

Unknown Speaker 26:03
So it really, it really is great that they all basically intermeshed with each other.

Kelly Perkins 26:11
Yeah, I think they do too. Yep. We also like Willy Wonka a lot. If you can't tell. What are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams? We have quite a few Willy Wonka quotes around. So now I feel even better about adjusting. sounds just like me. Yeah. That's good stuff. All right. Anything else? Chris? Anything I didn't cover?

Unknown Speaker 26:43
Um, nothing I can think of. And I don't see. Oh. Jacqueline says would love to peek at the conference room to say hi to Aaron.

Kelly Perkins 26:53
Oh, okay. Let me just make sure he's not on the phone. You guys busy? And the virtual tour. Come say hi, real quick. Aaron's our Director of Business Development. And he is his wife also used to work with us. So yeah. That's, that's good. Thank you. And then Ellen is our general manager. So she's in charge of production, and shipping and our retail store and golden and keeping me sane. dancing and singing and all the good things. She and Maggie make a good entertainment team. So Well, I appreciate your time. Thank you everyone for coming to take a visit. And yeah, if you have questions, post them on Republic and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Thank you. Thanks.

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