Mission & Values

We are committed to: 

  • Creating safe, gentle, hypoallergenic, sulfate-, phthalate- and paraben-free skin care products;
  • Sourcing locally or through Fair Trade whenever possible;
  • Incorporating essential oils, minimally processed plant oils and botanicals to serve as an alternative to the harsh, dangerous chemicals present in many products;
  • Providing opportunities for fun, friendly, outgoing, and motivated people to develop their talents and contribute to a positive work environment;
  • Engaging in our local community and consistently giving back from our profits;
  • Educating and inspiring others to do what they can for themselves and our planet;
  • Acutely focusing on a never-ending quest for the most sustainable products, packaging and operations possible to benefit our consumers, our employees and the earth;
  • Using biodegradable ingredients; packaging with recycled, recyclable, dissolvable or biodegradable materials;
  • Operating with renewable energy for the lowest possible impact on the environment;
  • Understanding the ultimate value of our customers and ensuring that we always provide the very best in service.