Spinster Sisters seeks engagement with our retail customers annually via a questionnaire. These surveys are anonymous submissions that retail users of our online store choose to share with us. Aggregate data for closed-ended questions are shared here. 

November 2020 survey data

Summary: Our median retail customer is female, aged 49, with at least one child, earning $162,500 annually. She cares about the environment, spends time outdoors and with her family, and likes to make savvy, informed purchasing decisions.

pie chart of age range data

bar graph of gender identity data


pie chart of ethnicity data

pie chart of location (US State) data

pie chart showing customers with or without children

pie chart showing household income before taxes data

bar graph showing customer environmental actions taken

pie chart showing whether friends seek skincare advice from customer responding

pie chart showing customer ideological importance in brand

bar graph of net promoter score data