Back to School Magic: Essentials to Get You Through the School Day

Back to School Magic: Essentials to Get You Through the School Day

by Jacquelyn Farnsworth

After a year of virtual education for many, the magical moment of in-person learning is beginning to return this fall. It’s time to trade Zoom for a backpack, and virtual hangouts for a chilly evening walk.

Even with life becoming more normal, the coolest kids always practice self-care. At Spinster Sisters, we’ve got you covered with sustainable vegan products to add some scented protection to your day. We’ve crafted soap, bath, body, face, aromatherapy, and hair products that put smiles on the faces of our customers and Mother Earth, empowering all.

Sanitize with Confidence

Available in Lavender Lime or Peppermint Tea Tree, our natural alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer (discontinued as of April 2022) keeps your hands smooth and moisturized while FDA-registered to ensure your safety. This essential belongs in every bag, car, or locker and will help you stay protected and pampered. 

Mask Without the Stank

Are you masking up in the classroom? Our Mask Spray provides a refresher during long wearings and keeps the fabric smelling fresh. Just remove your mask and give it a scented Sisters spritz.

Mask spray in plastic spray bottle with cloth mask
Mask Spray makes your mask smell great and cuts the stank

A Body Butter for (Almost) Every Day of the Week

Moisturize hands, body, and feet with four magical scents of this thick and rich lotion with fair-trade shea butter. Our Body Butter 4 Pack is a perfect treat for yourself or your BFF: natural, vegan, and easy to keep in your favorite bag.

Silky-Smooth Lip Balm

Don’t forget your lips! Treat yourself to the light and moisturizing feel of our plant oil and beeswax-based Lip Balm, with four scents to pick from. Put it on as a base before lipstick or solo: either way, your lips will be restored without the waxy feeling of other lip balms.

Woman's fingers pulling a tube of Spinster Sisters Lip Balm from her jeans pocket.
Tuck a little tube in your pocket for some sneaky smooth smackers


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