Light Up Some Fall Scents

Light Up Some Fall Scents

by bruce kreutzer

The cozy season is approaching: are you ready? From Halloween to Thanksgiving, fall is the season to celebrate and relax. There is no better way to take in the season than by warming up with complementary scents. With a little Spinster Sisters mojo, we will help you welcome fall into your home and skincare routine.

Fall-Themed Candles

Creating a cozy living space is our favorite way to bring Autumn indoors with us. . Spinster Sisters has you covered with three delightful aromatherapy candles to warm you up this fall. As a bonus, these candles melt at just the right temperature to rub onto the skin to moisturize or massage!

Warm Chai Soy Lotion Candle: Are you ready to smell enlightenment? We have blended spicy essential oils such as cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and ginger to make this sweet massage candle inspired by Indian chai.

Cedar Saffron Soy Lotion Candle: This spicy, woodsy scent is loved by all. Act quick, this limited edition always sells out!

Palo Santo Soy Lotion Candle: Imagine sitting around a hearth with a roaring fire, breathing in the woodsy vibe. That is the feeling you get from soaking in this scent.

A Palo Santo scented Soy Lotion Candle burns in its jar next to its lid, a coffee mug and among scattered autumn leaves
A Palo Santo candle sets a warm mood for a nice fall cuppa

Sudsy and Steamy Autumn Joy

Cedar Sage Liquid Soap: Are you dreaming of a chilly night in the mountains around a campfire? Our Cedar Sage Liquid Soap will put a smile on your face every time you wash your hands. Based on the natural landscape near the Spinster Sisters Microsoapery in Colorado, these scents will teleport you mountainside to the great outdoors.

Pappy's Tabaccy Bar Soap: Lather up with a soapy scent that is the perfect combination of fall aromas. The coffee notes are paired with a woodsy vanilla kick and spicy undertone. This bar soap is the essential addition to your guest bathroom: treat those visiting to a season to remember.

a two toned bar of soap sits upright on a soap dish in front of a mirror
Can't blame this gorgeous Pappy from admiring his two toned handsomeness in the mirror

Eucalyptus Shower Steamer: How do you say no to self-care? Our Eucalyptus Shower Steamer is a fizzy tablet to transform your shower routine. For the fall, the eucalyptus scent is filled with earthy aromas to help you embrace the new season. Simply place this Shower Steamer strategically in your space, and it reacts with the droplets of your shower to steam up your surroundings with a relaxing mist.

Do you have a favorite scent for fall? The Spinster Sisters would love to hear your seasonal essentials on our Instagram. We’re always here to elevate your skincare experience with effective, plant-based ingredients that may just make you feel enchanted.

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  • Janet
    Sep 03, 2021 at 13:05

    Love Cinnamon and all the fall smells


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