Kelly's Annual Holiday Letter

Kelly's Annual Holiday Letter

by Kelly Perkins

Happy Holidays to all you Sisters and Misters!

I decided to write this year's gratitude letter from the beautiful beach of the Big Island. It was a good decision, because I feel grateful!!! This year has been a surprise in so very many ways. In November last year, we decided to make a leap of faith with our business, and renew our mission to go plastic-free. It has been an incredible journey and also a little terrifying to be honest! Will our consumers like it? Will the products sell? Will our tribe make the leap with us to support a #plasticfree future? I am so thankful that the answers to all of my questions are a resounding YES! You all have stood by us on our site and store orders, our natural retailers have embraced the new format, and even our conventional retailers are behind our mission to provide premium, plant-based products without unnecessary plastic packaging. 

Saying peace out to plastic has been amazing. I am beyond happy to see how many people are working towards a brighter future, through clean ingredients, compostable packaging, renewable energy, and more. Little by little a little becomes a lot and we’re excited to be conscious brand doing what we can. We will be releasing an Impact Report in early 2023 which will codify our milestones we’ve made and are excited to share that with you in the New Year. 

Knowing that I cannot get through this letter each year without writing a novel, I decided this year I would try to be less verbose and summarize 2022 with a Top Ten Highlight list. 

This year I am grateful for:

10. The 3,000+ retail partners that have taken a chance on our little woman-owned company and have helped us reach new households around the country. Thank you for believing in us and our mission.

9. Our launch this Fall on Grove Collaborative. Grove is an incredible company with shared values as Spinster Sisters and we are so honored to be working with them in building a world with less plastic.. Grove offers great household products and free shipping! If you are a Grove customer don’t miss out on keeping stocked up on our Free From products sold on their site. 

8. Our expansion with Kroger––this year we launched 15 products in 5 new Kroger banners. You can now find Spinster Sisters at select King Soopers. Spinster Sisters is also now available in the Pacific Northwest at Fred Meyer and QFC. In Chicago find us at Mariano’s and in Milwaukee you can find us at Pick n’ Save! Stay tuned for more exciting Kroger + Spinster Sisters news in 2023! 

7. Our partnership with Youth Leaders of Americas Initiative, Exchange Our World, and World Denver to host Waleska Velasquez, an entrepreneur and skincare business owner from Honduras, at our Microsoapery this summer.

6. The opportunity to educate, learn, mentor, research, innovate, create, impact, negotiate, strategize, observe, laugh, cry, hug, and so many more things that I get to experience every day in this “job”.

4. Sustainably focused consumers that also want to have a positive impact on our planet.

3. Our amazing community, from advisors, investors, mentors, friendors (or carny’s, as my husband calls us), and our engaged, brilliant, gorgeous consumers. You all make my world go around.

2. My husband, friends, and family, that no matter what crazy request I send out to them, they never think twice, they are just 100% in to support me. That is something so very special, that I hope each and every one of you has. It is overwhelming, the love.

1. Every single second I get to spend with my papa. He is pure love. His 93rd birthday is the day after Christmas, and I can’t wait to celebrate him! He's pictured below ready to ring in the Holidays!

2022 still does not feel “normal” to me. But we are getting closer. It feels like people are more conscious of their impacts on the world. It feels like love is starting to come back. And I am here for it.

I am sending so much love to each and every one of you. I want to thank you for being you, and being a part of my world. You are amazing!

I hope your holiday season is full of love, support, and togetherness.


Kelly Perkins CEO + Founder 

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  • Carolyn
    Nov 23, 2023 at 19:05

    Kelly Peace out Plastics & Love two great things in life.
    Glad your store, your products are doing so well!
    Merry Christmas and I love your dad toooo!


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