Let's Fix the Plastic Problem

Let's Fix the Plastic Problem

by Jacquelyn Farnsworth

Did you know that more than 8 million metric tons of plastic is dumped in the ocean each year? According to the lead researcher on the study, that number equates to five grocery bags of plastic for every foot of coastline worldwide. By 2025, the number is predicted to ballon to 155 million metric tons per year (TIME). 

Feeling helpless? We can act together to fix this. This is our pledge:


Earth Day Pledge


We're doing everything we can to cut down on plastic waste and lower our ecological footprint. Want to join us? Here's what you can do! 

Recyclables Only

If you're buying a product in plastic, look for 100% recyclable #1 PET or #2 HDPE. Avoid single use plastics like straws and shopping bags, or better yet, buy a product without packaging like our Naked Soap.

Shop in Bulk

Reuse old packaging by filling it at the bulk section of stores. We offer bulk Body Butter, soaks, bath teas, and Liquid Soap at our retail flagship in Golden, Colorado.

Sign a Petition

Visit Earth Day Network to learn more about the plastic problem and make your pledge to reduce plastic pollution and reduce, reuse, and recycle!


Lead photo: "Dolphin plastic bag at Fernando de Noronha" by Flickr user Jedimentat44 used uder the Creative Commons license

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