Guess What We're Making

Guess What We're Making

Have you ever wanted to get a look at how our products are made? The magic happens at our lovely Microsoapery nestled in Golden, Colorado, where a team of talented men and women craft our salves, candles, soaps, soaks, and everything in between.

See if you can guess which of our all-natural products are being made in the four images below. The answers are at the bottom of the page!


Red powder and a chopped yellow mixture in a tub

Hint: This is the first step of an infusion process using all edible ingredients that you may be more familiar with on your taco than your skincare. The bright color of this mixture is reflected in the orange hue of the final product!


An immersion blender mixes a yellow-hued liquid

Hint: While this may look like a liquid now, the immersion blender you see at the top of the image is aiding a chemical reaction to turn this blend of oil, lye, and water into something else entirely.


An amber-colored liquid is poured into tins

Hint: This amber-colored mixture includes argan oil, beeswax, and shea butter. It will harden into a light yellow-hued balm beloved by humans of the hairy persuasion.


A tray of circular divots is filled by a liquid from a glass pour spout

Hint: The container this liquid is being poured into is snapped into the white tray with small circular holes. The bright yellow color is derived from olive oil and a touch of honey.



Rub It, Scrub It, Love It

Answer Key:
1. Muscle Stuff  2. Bath Soap  3. Beard Balm  4. Lip Balm

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