Biodegradable Skincare for the Great Outdoors

Biodegradable Skincare for the Great Outdoors

by Jacquelyn Farnsworth

As you get outside this summer, don't forget that what you put on your body can affect the wildlife around you. Here in Colorado, where the mountains get more trafficked every year, we're especially sensitive to the dictum that one should "leave no trace" when venturing into the backcountry — especially the fragile alpine slopes.

It may seemed far-fetched that the local ecosystem will notice the lotion you happen to be wearing. If you come into contact with a water source, however, it's all too easy to disrupt the delicate microbial communities that support the flora and fauna we see. That's why it's so important to use biodegradable skincare on your next trek.

Soap and skin care is not considered biodegradable if it is made with phosphates. Even though phosphates are not harmful to human health, they can have disastrous ecological effects on natural bodies of water [USGS]. Algae blooms from excess phosphorus can kill fish by creating low-oxygen dead zones where fish can't survive.

At Spinster Sisters, we never use phosphates when crafting our soaps and skincare. The next time you #getoutside, bring one of these phosphate-free products to make the Great Outdoors even better.

A Cleaner Campsite

Campfire soot, marshmallow goo and trail dust are all scrubbed right off your hands with our sulfate and phosphate-free soap bars. Shop for exfoliating Bar Soaps, which are all safe for the outdoors because we only use biodegradable or natural exfoliants like pumice and dried herbs.

Even biodegradable soap isn't meant to be used directly in a water source. Use a bucket and take your washing at least 200 feet from shore. Dig a small hole to dump the sudsy water, then cover it with dirt.

 A red-swirled soap bar with exfoliant sprinkled throughout sits on top of a charcoal black soap bar

Lead photo by Breanna Galley.

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