The Making of Our New Face Cleanser

The Making of Our New Face Cleanser

Our new Face Cleanser has been on the back burner for years, believe it or not! Developing and launching new products is one of the most fulfilling parts of the job here at Spinster Sisters Co. It typically takes at least a few months for a new product idea to evolve beyond a spark of the imagination and become shelf-ready, and this latest addition to the line is no exception.

We take special care when creating products for the face, so it's always big news when our face care line sees a new addition. Skin on the face is especially sensitive to ingredients that may block pores, cause redness, or strip away skin's protective layers and dry it out.

Founder and owner Kelly Perkins, the genius behind our product formulations, took a moment away from the busy life of CEO to answer some questions about how she came up with this new formula and why it can help you achieve a clean, glowing complexion that retains its natural moisture.


How does the new liquid Face Cleanser feel different compared to washing your face with our Oakmoss & Seaweed Face Soap?

Our liquid Face Cleanser is a completely different experience from using the Face Soap bar, though neither is necessarily better than the other. Liquid cleansers tend to be slightly more acidic, and closer to skin's natural pH, which helps retain more of the skin's natural properties.

The bar soap form offers more exfoliation, and is slightly more 'super-fatted', meaning more moisture from the pure plant-based oils is added back to the skin. The Face Cleanser is a very light, gently lathering liquid cleanser, created with a wonderful blend of botanicals and plant-based oils, and it comes in our new signature scent. I think it's amazing!

Oakmoss & Seaweed Face Soap bar stands next to liquid Face Cleanser
Oakmoss & Seaweed Face Soap and the new liquid cleanser 


This cleanser has a quite a few surprising ingredients — babassu seed oil, turmeric, and calendula petals, to name a few. Can you give us a peek into your thought process behind the development of the formula?

I have been very focused on the power of the natural botanicals lately, which drove me to formulate our new Face Cleanser with a wonderful 'tea' of power-packed botanicals, to allow for a light, natural cleanser, that rinses cleanly. Turmeric, lavender, rose, calendula, and chamomile all have properties that help reduce redness, dark circles, puffy eyes, and fight acne. Calendula also helps to tighten skin, reducing the signs of aging.

We have also added some wonderful plant oils, like babassu and jojoba oils, which are incredibly moisturizing non-comedogenic oils to help reduce dryness.

Amber-colored Face Cleanser in a dropper
Added botanicals, including turmeric and calendula, give the cleanser a dark amber hue


Are you considering adding any other products to our face care line?

Yes, we are always looking to add to the face care line. Next up is a Face Scrub with oat flour, french green clay, and charcoal. Can't wait! 


Available now, the new Face Cleanser is a gently sudsing face wash for all skin types. The formula is enriched with nutritious, soothing ingredients to create a cleanser that is far more than just soap. It's also the first product to feature our new signature scent. Try it and leave a review to tell us what you think!

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