Why We Use Coconut As A Natural Preservative

Why We Use Coconut As A Natural Preservative

by bruce kreutzer

Let’s play clever chemist here for a second and break down what we do (and why we do it!) at Spinster Sisters, Co. ✨ The magic lies in our straightforward formulas that are crafted with consideration and care. We keep the environment in mind and want to work in new ways to make luxury serums and creams more sustainable.

We create formulas that cater to discerning people who want more from their skin care. 77% of consumers, ages 18 to 44, say the source and quality of ingredients is the most important consideration they have when purchasing natural products, and we pride ourselves on going natural in more ways than one. 

Mother Nature needs natural, sustainable products that are made without phthalates, parabens, or sulfates like those found in our competitors’ products. Spinster Sisters, Co. provides sustainable soaps, butters, and lotions that are made with care. The idea you’re lathering up with ingredients that are bad for the world without knowing it isn’t what we stand for.

Spinster Sisters' is here to give everyone, Mother Nature included, what they need: a real solution to their skincare needs that is sustainable. Currently, high-demand products, like our Body Butter, are labor-intensive but we don’t cut corners on ingredients for the sake of cost. That’s why we use coconut as a natural preservative in our products, including our Body Butter and Face Cream.

What Are Good Natural Preservatives?

For some of you reading, you may read the word preservatives and make a hissing noise resembling that of a black cat on Halloween . Hear us out: natural preservatives are a way to keep nasty stuff like yeast and mold out of your favorite body butters. They are extracted from natural materials that you would recognize on a label instead of a long, chemical-ly name that you need to Google to double-check. 

Natural preservatives slow the growth of spoilage organisms like mold or bacteria. They also limit changes in color, texture, and flavor to your favorite products so you can enjoy them for longer. Skip parabens and other goop that you should not be rubbing all over your body. We don’t greenwash our products for profitability, we’re telling you this because we care. 

We use good, natural preservatives like coconut because we want you to know what’s in your body butter and trust that it will work. We not only want to preserve your favorite products but preserve our long-term mission of providing consciously crafted, natural products to everyone, everywhere.

 Woman applying Face cream

Our Face Cream hydrates without clogging pores.

So, How Does Coconut Work As A Natural Preservative?

The long version of why coconut works as a natural preservative requires jumping back to high school with a sprinkle of O-chem involved. We won’t take you too far down that road. What you need to know is that coconut oil has lauric acid, and this component limits the growth of yeast and mold in our Body Butter. It also contains monolaurin, which is known for its antimicrobial properties and has been recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our extract is derived from fermented coconuts and includes lactobacillus, a "friendly" bacteria that is common in probiotics. Coconut has been found to significantly reduce inflammation commonly associated with acne, and it can reduce the intensity of a microbial attack. Not to mention, it’s extremely moisturizing and smooth to the touch for that added bit of luxury everyone trying to do better for their skin deserves.

Ingredients used in our Body Butter, like coconut extract, are 100% natural and minimally processed to deliver an ideal feel and finish with every use. Spinster Sisters. Co. founder Kelly Perkins gives us the low-down on how she created the right blend of ingredients in our Body Butter blog

Natural preservatives like coconut may be more costly to companies like ours in the long term, but when it comes to your skin, it’s worth it! Coconut has the necessary properties to naturally prevent yeast and mold from forming in body butters. When used in our careful formula combination, it works as an effective, sustainable preservative alternative, and we’re able to provide you with the very best body butter.

Hands holding Oatmilk and Honey Body Butter

Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey is the perfect scent to embrace autumn. 

Try Our Body Butter with Natural Preservatives!

We love talking about how our products are made, and we love it even more when you find skincare that is effective for you and beneficial to the environment . Try our Body Butter to see and feel for yourself how luxurious and fruitful natural preservatives can be.

This thick and rich blend is one of many Spinster Sister Co. products crafted with care at our Microsoapery in Golden, Colorado. Watch a video about our Microsoapery and see how we do things here. Shop our store online or you can also find our products at one of 2,100+ retailers nationwide. Have any questions regarding natural preservatives in our products? Contact our team to learn more today!

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